Dime Sports Gift Card

Dime Sports Gift Card

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Do you know an athlete but not sure what they need? Try the Dime Sports gift card today!

This is a digital gift card that can be printed out or emailed to the intended recipient.

Best Quality

We don't put a ball up for sale unless we know its one of the best in the world. Period. We work tirelessly with the most recent technology available and with real life players to determine what players want. Then we give it to them at a price that's way better than the competitor's.

Best Price

We sell directly to you, so no sporting goods store markups here and no in store packaging money spent. Also we don't have athlete endorsement deals and we don't pay fees for FIFA Quality or NFHS approvals. Bottom line, you get the best ball at the best price possible.

Our Promise

We promise to be a better sports ball Company. No more high prices, no more confusing product selection, no more new ball models every year that are no different than the last. Most importantly a DIME of every dollar in profit we make is donated to youth sports charities.